Mme Bernier

Bienvenue dans la classe de 5Y!



September 21

Terry Fox Walk- collecting Loonies for Linda- 2-3 pm

Fall Gathering- 6:00- 7:30 pm

September 22 Non Attendance Day for Students
October 6 Non Attendance Day for Students
October 9 Thanksgiving- No school
October 20 Non Attendance Day for Students


AGENDA: le 18 au 22 septembre 2017


For the next few months, Mrs. Reschke, the physical education teacher, and her grade 5 students will be participating in a research study done by masters students at University of Manitoba. You will receive all the paper work that explains what this study is all about and how your child will take part in it. We ask that you read through the papers and send them back signed as soon as possible please. 


French : We are reading the novel Joker by Sue Morgenstern. If you want, ask your child what the story is all about. Maybe he or she will ask you for some jokers!

We are also doing a revision of the verbs avoir et être and les verbes en –er. The two links below are two sheets your child already has at school. Avoir et être need to be mastered in order to move on with more complicated verb tenses. You can encourage your child to practise them and learn them by heart. (verbes être et avoir) (verbes en -er)

English : We just started talking about a hard topic : slavery. This will prepare us to read an excellent book called Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker. I shared with the students that I have a niece who would have been a slave two hundred years ago. We’re trying to discover what would have been her life back then.


Devoirs to finish assigned tasks by tomorrow

Information Sheets- To be completed by parents and returned as soon as possible.

Immunization Forms- to be handed in as soon as possible

Demographic Forms- to be signed on both sides and returned as soon as possible

Field Trip Walking Form- to be signed and returned as soon as possible

Circus Forms- to be completed by Friday

Loonies for Linda- to be brought in by Thursday (If you choose to donate)


  • Patterns and Relation: Identify and describe patterns in a series and make prediction about subsequent elements.
  • Basic Facts- Practice the multiplication tables up to 9 x 9


  • Multiple Intelligences Survey and Learning Styles Inventory
  • Monthly Journal Prompts: Students are writing at least one journal prompt every week, using a given topic.
  • See Learning Links (below) for more websites!




É.S. –




Math: Patterns and Relations, Number Sense

Science: Classroom Chemistry, Electricity and Magnetism

Social Studies: 

ELA: Journal writing, parts of speech, novel study