Mme Ashlea

Important Dates:

June 2  PD Day- no school for students
June 6

Math Quiz- Angles, Length, Perimeter, Volume, Area, Capacity

June 8 Patrollers- Heritage Park Picnic
June 20

Walking field trip to Drake Landing Pond for Wetlands Ecosystem Study

Please dress according to the weather.  Bring sunscreen, bugspray, water bottles, hats, and rainboots (we will be close to the water in muddy areas.

June 26

Patrollers- Calaway Park

June 27 Sports day
June 29

Last day of school

Breakfast party- Please bring a breakfast food or drink item to share with your classmates.

AGENDA: le 29 mai au 2 juin 2017

General:  If you have a set of cards that are missing a few cards and would like to donate them to our classroom, we would love to be able to use them for our math activities!

Mathletics- Students have assigned tasks that they are to be working on to review measurement.


  • Reading Comprehension: Students are practicing the CAFÉ reading strategies to help reinforce their understanding of informative texts. Students have individual reading goals and strategies to help them focus their French reading. Please encourage them to practice these at home!
  • Verbs (IR-Présent): Students are practicing their conjugations daily/weekly with our quotiverbes. Please remind them to review these conjugations at home whenever possible.
  • Word Work: Practice your ER/IR verbs in Present tense as well start working on adverbs.
  • See Learning Links (below) for some great websites!


  • Shape and Space- Measurement and Transformations
  • Basic Facts: Practice your multiplication facts up to 9 X 9
  • Learning Links:;


  • Canadian physical geography:
  • This month, students are doing a research which consists on searching information regarding their ancestors and one of the four cultural group they belong too (French, Natives, Europeans Immigrants and Non-Europeans Immigrants). They have to describe the trip of their family members who established themselves in Canada. Student will use a trunk to do their presentation. The trunk must contain many artifacts. I have provided the students with the list of artifacts they will have to create for this project. Please help your son/daughter by providing them with the name of your ancestors and the reasons why they came to Canada. I have provided students with a list of useful websites they could research with you in case you might not know why and how your ancestors came to Canada. Student will start writing their family journals this Thursday (February 16th). They were given work sheets to complete at home last week. They have been working hard at searching important information about their ancestor’s past.
  • See Learning Links (below) for more websites!


  • Canadian Novel Study “Underground to Canada” by Barbara Smucker. Students started reading this novel last week. This week, we are reading Chap.2 and 3 and writing different journal entries for each chapter.
  • Monthly Journal Prompts: Students are writing at least one journal prompt every week, using a given topic.
  • Word Work: Students are working on adjectives and adverbs.
  • See Learning Links (below) for more websites!


  • Weather Watch

Learning Links: 



É.S. –


TERM 3 Enduring Understandings:

FLA: Informative writing, parts of speech, verbs, CAFÉ reading strategies

Math: Shape and Space; Statistics and Probability

Science: Weather Watch; Wetlands Ecosystem

Social Studies: Mapping skills, geography of Canada

ELA: Informative writing, journal writing, parts of speech, Canadian novel study, CAFÉ reading strategies