Mme Bernier

Bienvenue dans la classe 5Y!



November 17 Flyer due date
November 20 My Story
November 23 Dare project due date
November 24 Verb quiz 
December 1 Dare graduation 1:00 pm, verb quiz in the morning
December 11 or 12 Movie: La guerre des tuques
December 14 Snowshoeing


AGENDA: 20 au 25 novembre


We are using the Day 2 schedule this week.

Verb test next Friday (December 1st). 

Please note that we are now using Google classroom It is the student's responsibility to make sure he/she visits it regularly.  I will still be posting homework on both Google classroom and our class webpage/agenda.

Please do not bring cell phones to the classroom. We are supposed to have all the technology we need (cloudbooks or chromebooks) by the end ot this week. Cell phones have been a distraction in the classroom in the last days and unfortunately, it will not be accepted anymore. It has to stay in the backpack.  


Maths- 15 questions to complete on due Thursday, Nov. 16

Études sociales/social studies: We are working on our project Voyage aux 4 coins du Canada.This project will count for the first term. Do it seriously! Here is the link to the project. If you lose it, or if your parents want to see it, you can print it from this link:

Verbes être, avoir, aller, pouvoir, vouloir (verbes être et avoir) (verbes en -er) (verbes aller) (verbes pouvoir et vouloir)

English : Part 1 of our escape story is finished and corrected. You have up until next Monday (October 30) to make all suggested corrections on your text. If your text is not typed, please do it as homework and share it with the teacher. (


  • Number Sense: Represent and describe whole numbers
  • Basic Facts- Practice the multiplication tables up to 9 x 9


  • Classroom Chemistry- Demonstrate a way of recovering a material from solution.
  • Demonstrate a procedure for making a crystal.





É.S. –




Math: Patterns and Relations, Number Sense

Science: Classroom Chemistry, Electricity and Magnetism

Social Studies: 

ELA: Journal writing, parts of speech, novel study