Mme Macey-Reid

Bienvenue à la classe de 4/5M!


Nov 26 DARE presentations (Grade 5)
Dec. 13

Christmas Concert- 1:30 afternoon performance (doors open at 1 pm)

7:00 pm evening performance (doors open at 6:30 pm)

Dec. 14 Non-attendance day for students
Dec. 21 Early dismissal 
Jan. 7 School resumes
Jan. 25 Non-attendance day for students


AGENDA: le 3 au 7 décembre


Please ensure that you are checking the classroom website to see if there are any homework assignments due or any upcoming activities.   

Magic Christmas- We are working to support the ‘The Magic of Christmas’ again this year at EPPS between Nov 29 – Dec 6th.  The Magic of Christmas is a non-profit organization focused on delivering the Christmas spirit of loving, caring, and sharing to those who need it the most.  Gift donation and collection will be between Nov 29 – Dec 6th.


Xtramath- play Xtramath for 5-10 minutes each night

Multiplication - Practice basic math facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (mad minutes, flash cards, games, cards, websites)

Multiplication Tables- Memorize one table each night and complete the multiplication table for that day:

Wednesday- 2 x tables; Thursday- 3 x tables; Friday/Saturday/Sunday- 4 x tables and 5 x tables; Monday- 6 x tables; Tuesday- 7 x tables; Wednesday- 8 x tables; Thursday 9 x tables


Multiplication - Review  up to 9 x 9 times tables

Strategies for learning multiplication and division- multi-div.pdf


4e - Sciences:  Wheels and Levers- wheels and axes

-  Bring one empty pop can for Monday.


5e - Sciences: Electricity and Magnetism- Electrical safety

- Bring one "D" battery for Monday


- Jeux d'électricité-




Grammar - capitals, punctuation, common and proper nouns, pronouns

Novel Study: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

  • Chapter 9
  • Quiz on chapters 6-9 - next week 

Journal writing


4e - Études sociales/social studies

Inquiry research project on the six regions of Alberta.


5e - Études sociales/social studies

Inquiry research project on the six regions of Canada.



- Informative writing: Each student is writing two informative texts, one on each region of their choice.

- Verb conjugations - 

- Verb practice - ÊTRE et AVOIR ; ÊTRE (Présent)

- Grammaire: ponctuation, dictionnaire, déterminants, pronoms, genre et nombre des noms et adjectifs


- Journal writing



ÊTRE et AVOIR - Présent: Minutes - ETRE AVOIR Present.docx

ER - Présent: Minutes - ER-Present.docx

RE - Présent: Minutes - RE -Present.docx

IR - Présent: Minutes - IR-Present.docx







É.S.4 -


É.S. 5 –





FLA: Grammar, journal writing, informative text (research and comprehension)

Math:  Large Numbers

Science: 4e- Wheels and Levers; 5e- Electricity and Magnetism

Social Studies: Physical Geography of Alberta (4) and Canada (5)

ELA: Grammar, Monthly Writing Prompts, Harry Potter novel study