Wordpress Manual

Editing your class website:

After logging in click on the top left where it reads Ecole Percy Pegler, click the drop down item “visit site” that appears.  Then look on the menu tabs to find the page you want to edit.  After you locate it you will find a word “Edit” at the bottom of the page, click on it.  From there you can edit it like a word document.  Hyperlinks are added using the chain icon.  Images are inserted using the upload/insert section.  Mp3s are also added there.


You can click on the preview changes button to see how it looks.

Parent teacher interview calendar directions:

Click booking calendar on the left side bar, click booking calendar again then click on your name.  Click on view settings over the calendar.  On the page that opens click start date and pick a date you want to have interviews scheduled on, click your start and end time using 24 hour clock time style.  Add the time increments for how many minutes you want interviews to be.  If you are allowing multiple bookings at the same time you can indicate the maximum bookings in the multiple bookings box.  Then click the green button “Add date”.  This will now be available for parents to book.  Repeat with another date if needed.

At the very top there is a red button that says “toggle calendar off”.  Click on it to turn it green or “on” then your name will appear on the booking calendar page.

To view who has booked click on booking calendar go to view settings, then go to view bookings then click on the date that you were scheduling and it will show you bookings at the bottom of the page.

To add an event to the calendar and upcoming events side bar:

Click my calendar on the side bar and click add/edit events.  Add the name of the event where it says event title.  Then skip down to start date and add the date.  If it has a time you can add it or delete the time that is there in that box if you don’t want a time to appear.  You can add an end date if it is more than one day event.   Skip down a bit more to the button on the left that says “Save event”, click it.  The event will now appear in both our regular calendar link and the upcoming events.

To add a photo to the header:

Click nivo slider on the left side bar click on the one marked main.  Click upload file and upload the photo.  Don’t forget to click update.  It will now appear in the slide show.

To add mp3 files, upload your file using the upload button, then click audio player at the bottom right when the window opens, then click insert into post and click update button on right hand side.

To add google docs, you go to google docs and log into percypegler@gmail.com, ask Kathy for the password if you forgot it.  Then upload your document by clicking the orange button with the arrow, find your file, after it has uploaded click on the share word that is in blue change the access to “public on the web”, click save, then copy the link to share at the top of the window then click done.  Then go back to your class page and put the title of your file on the page and then highlight it and click the link button and in the URL link window that opens  delete the Http letters that are already there and then paste the URL that you had copied.  Then add title and click add link.  Click update and your file when clicked will open in a new window.