HOT LUNCH is now OPEN for Feb - April

The Hot Lunch menus for February through April are open for ordering!

Deadlines are as follows:

February deadline: January 28th

March deadline: February 25th

April deadline: March 24th


If you have not signed up for an account this year, please go to the hot lunch site and follow the instructions on the front page. 


As always, thank you for your support of our schools biggest fundraiser! All money that is raised goes towards school initiatives such as; music program and special guests, cultural performances, physical education programs and equipment, and special events such as Carnaval, to name but a few!

We strongly recommend that you print a copy of your order(s) for your own record keeping so that your child always has a lunch even when hot lunch has not been ordered for them. If your order is ever in question you can log back onto the site and verify what you ordered for your child for each day, or watch for the automatic emails you will receive weekly on Sundays as a weekly reminder.

FIELD TRIPS: It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their students lunch order has been cancelled in the event of a field trip. The teachers do their best to inform us of any dates they will be away. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Crystal Knutson at crystaldknutson@gmail.com

Thank you!