Fun and Enjoyable School Event!
By: Lexi (6HT)


            On Friday, February 15th, 2019, Ecole Percy Pegler Elementary is going to have a blast creating yet another winter carnival for the whole school. Percy Pegler is head over heels with excitement when it comes to winter activities that everyone can enjoy inside and outside. This elementary school got this tradition from Quebec and their French students. That is so cool how they celebrate with their students.  

            Want to know more about what this school does? At the beginning of the day, they gather all students to take a giant photo of the students and teachers.  When it comes to music, students go to a classroom inside the school and use spoons to make sounds. After they’re done with spoons, they move on to sugar cube buildings! Sometimes, they have a competition to see who can make the tallest stack of sugar cubes. After that, they go outside and play an amazing and fun game of tug of war.  When they find out who has won the round, they go sledding and pretend they’re getting pulled on the sleds by dogs. That seems like so much fun!

            Here are some things that will happen at the real carnival. In Quebec, you might experience some fun and adorable dog sledding rides, exhilarating sleigh rides, going to an awesome ice hotel, and fun outdoor dance parties at the Ice Palace. Someone stated, “The carnival takes place from February 8th to February 17th, so you better get over here!” The Quebec icy winter Carnival is the world's largest winter carnival. This year is the 64th year of the Carnaval d’hiver! Impressive. Did you enjoy learning about Quebec and their tradition?